Feb 19


‘Last night I dreamed I died and that my life had been rearranged into some kind of theme park. And all my friends were walking up and down the boardwalk, and my dead grandmother was selling cotton candy out of a little shack. And there was this big ferris wheel about half a mile out in the ocean, half in and half out of the water. And all my old boyfriends were on it. With their new girlfriends. And the boys were waving and shouting, and the girls were saying Eeek. Then they disappear under the surface of the water, and when they come up they’re laughing and gasping for breath.’
Laurie Anderson

Jul 18


om 16.00 uur, de opening van de fototentoonstelling ‘Inbeelding’, bij Heartgallery, Drienerstraat 35 in Hengelo.

Vandaag dus!
Dat u morgen niet zegt kwistvanniks..

Mar 16


Dez Mona – The Storm

Jan 16


Elegie is het laatste nummer van ‘Horses’, in 1975 opgenomen in Jimi Hendrix’ Electric Lady studio als herinnering aan onder meer Hendrix.
Inmiddels een indrukwekkend eerbetoon, met een alsmaar langer wordende lijst namen..

Nov 15

doorslaande stoppen en ander ongemak, maar er zal licht zijn !
komt allemaal goed.
wel vóór vrijdag, graag.
niks geen stress

Jul 15


May 15

Ondertussen in 1980


Mar 15


mooie covers, in willekeurige volgorde.

Jan 13

The beginning of memory

there’s a story in an ancient play about birds called The Birds
and it’s a short story from before the world began
from a time when there was no earth, no land
only air and birds everywhere

but the thing was there was no place to land
because there was no land
so they just circled around and around
because this was before the world began

and the sound was deafening. songbirds were everywhere
billions and billions and billions of birds

and one of these birds was a lark and one day her father died
and this was a really big problem because what should they do with the body?
there was no place to put the body because there was no earth

and finally the lark had a solution
she decided to bury her father in the back of her own head
and this was the beginning of memory
because before this no one could remember a thing
they were just constantly flying in circles
constantly flying in huge circles

Aug 12

Last.fm log

714 cached tracks. ‘t Is dus niet dat ik nu ook geen muziek meer luister. Integendeel. Ook nog een liedje speciaal voor jullie, domme tele2 schapen…

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